Master Classes and Upcoming Events 2019

Contemporary Fusion Master Class with Kelly Archer


We are thrilled to welcome Kelly Archer to En Face!  She will be offering two classes on Friday, December 6th

Ages 7-12,  4:30-6:00pm  Cost: $25 per dancer

Ages 13-Up, 6:00-8:00pm  Cost: $35 per dancer

Open to the public.

Class Description:

Ms. Archer’s classes focuses on the artist as a whole and empowers her students to not

only develop their artistic voices, but to use that voice to speak with intentional

movement. Through training that is grounded with a strong emphasis on classical

technique, her classes consist of technical work with a focus on body alignment and

core-strength, improvisation, and expression through contemporary-fusion movement.

Through the use of imagination and improvisation, she encourages them to widen their

dance vocabulary to empower them to cultivate and create within the aesthetic of

dance, in a way that is unique to each student. By the end of each class, students

should walk away with tools that will allow them to make any movement connected and

intentional, in order to relate to other dancers and audiences in a way that is relevant.